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Magnetic Therapy for Lower Back Pain – Magic or Myth?

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Magnetic Therapy for Lower Back Pain – Magic or Myth?

Have you ever heard someone say, ‘it’s just a bit of back pain, I’ll be okay. It’s only my age’? Although that certainly is partly true, it implies that nothing can be done about it which leads to so many people, maybe even yourself, suffering in silence. That’s not surprising though: what can you do? Go and see the doctor who will either give you 1) dangerous painkillers like ibuprofen (increases stroke/heart attack risk, triggers asthma, causes stomach ulcers and bleeds to name a few), 2) even more dangerous back surgery 3) a physiotherapy referral which might come through in about 12 months. For sure, the medical world doesn’t really have any good options to offer you, but that all might be changing.

A new study published 21st August 2018 by Elshiwi et al, called ‘Effect of pulsed electromagnetic field on nonspecific low back pain patients: a randomised controlled trial.’ took 50 patients and randomly allocated them to have or not have electromagnetic therapy with usual treatment. The results were very interesting; the group which received electromagnetic therapy reported reduced pain and, on testing, showed significantly increased flexibility in the lower back in all directions when compared to the group that didn’t receive electromagnetic therapy. What does all that mean? Magnetic therapy actually works for non-specific lower back pain.

Now, the next slight problem – not many people have a large electromagnet sitting under their coffee table. Luckily, some very clever people have spent a lot of time thinking about how to get this technology accessible to everyday people. This is where neodymium magnets come in. They are small magnets which make the right frequency of vibration to create the desired benefits from the treatment, making them perfect to use in belt supports. 

We have tried out over 10 magnetic belt supports to relieve lower back pain, and our winner is right below. 

It is lightweight, provides good heat and actually helped one of our testers become completely pain free completely by accident.

Let us know what your experiences are with magnetic therapy for lower back pain below and we’ll be excited to get back in touch!


Dr Sermed Mezher
Royal Sussex County Hospital, Brighton

About the Author

Sermed trained in the University of Manchester and is currently a surgical doctor working at the Royal Sussex County Hospital. His main caseload is trauma patients and he works closely with Physiotherapists to manage their pain and ensure a safe discharge from Hospital.

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